I’ve been training under Vladislav Koulikov for about eight years. I began at Ultimate Sambo and then followed to Asylum Fight Systems, Warwick Jiu Jitsu, and UFC gym. Vlad is a great instructor for all students, from newbies to experienced competitors, children to adults. Vlad understands and communicates the importance of fundaments (e.g. “position before submission”) but always has some new advanced techniques to share as well. Although he is a beast, Vlad also emphasizes the importance of smoothness and technique. This is especially useful for older practitioners who need to conserve energy and avoid injury. Vlad is also an intellectual martial artist, who understands the “chess” aspects of the game (especially Jiu-Jitsu) and is able to explain techniques using precise terminology and useful analogies. I recommend Vlad him to anyone interested in training in SAMBO or Jiu Jitsu."

Jake Tuckfelt